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LIfe is a Journey!

Who am I? I ‘AM’ many things!

I am a female, mother, daughter, sister, wife and most of all a creative (I am a qualified graphic designer).

I love to create in the kitchen - cook, bake and I also make craft beer!

I believe creativity is a way of life - we should be creative and expressive.  Creativity leads you to your talent.  I always encourage my two kids to be creative, so they can find their passion and what makes them happy.

Creativity comes in many forms - artists, makers, chefs, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs... the list is endless.  You have be a creative thinker in many roles in our lives, in our jobs, but also in our passions, hobbies and our spare time!

So as one of my creative expressions, I wanted to create YouNeek Clothing. I know when I wear certain pieces of clothing I feel empowered.  And I use the clothing to reflect my mood, thoughts, my memories and my daily reflections.  I see inspiration all the time, everyday...from my husband, from my kids, from nature, from animals, and from people's stories.

I love to watch movies based on real life.  It amazes me what some people have experienced and how they have emerged from their story stronger than ever.  This is where YouNeek's inspiration comes from - because everyone's story is UNIQUE, and I believe you have the right to own that story and be yourself!

Be creative and let your children follow their own journey of creativity, so they can found their own passion and journey in life.