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About Us

 Welcome to YouNeek Clothing

Andrea wearing YouNeek brand t-shirt smilingYouNeek Clothing is the brainchild of Andrea Rowland. I am an entrepreneur by nature and I have always been someone who wants to save animals, the planet and I have a want to help everyone I meet.
I had the idea of YouNeek in September 2019 of sharing positivity to inspire the next generation in 2019, but during everything that has happened in 2020 this idea seems more important than ever. I believe in inclusion and acceptance. I feel that we should all be responsible for our own actions and we need to do better to make the world a better place. 
Having travelled a great deal, I have seen that everywhere I went people were the same - they want to have a happy life and want to take care of their family. People I met wanted to tell me their story and I realized that 'telling stories' empowered people and it allowed them to 'own' that story. By telling a story, it allows people to connect on some level, as there is always some part of that story that everyone can relate to. 
As I visited different countries around the world from South East Asia, South Pacific, South America, Europe and North America, I found that people wanted to share their story with me. Many of these people had very little in money or possession, yet they were willing to share what they had with me. I found this so moving and inspiring and the whole experience very humbling.
This is where YouNeek's inspiration comes from - because everyone's story is unique, but I believe you have the right to own that story and be yourself!
So as one of my creative expressions, I wanted to create YouNeek Clothing. I know when I wear certain pieces of clothing I feel empowered. And I use the clothing to reflect my mood, thoughts, my memories and my daily reflections. I see inspiration all the time, everyday...from my husband, from my kids, from nature, from animals, and from people's stories. 
I love to watch movies based on real life. It amazes me what some people have experienced and how they have emerged from their story stronger than ever. We are all human and we need to treat each other with respect, compassion and honesty. We need to approach others with an open mind and a forgiving soul. We cannot change our story, but we can 'share' our story to do good for others. 
YouNeek's Vision: 
To inspire individuals to own their uniqueness and express their journey of self-love, respect and acceptance of themselves and those around them.
YouNeek's Mission:
To create positive expression clothing to empower individuals to share their journey of self-love and to use it as a way to inspire the next generation to practice acceptance, inclusion and compassion as they continue on their own journey of self-discovery.
YouNeek's Goal: 
To share positive expression clothing, so that every person can own and express their uniqueness! #BeYouNeek
YouNeek's Brand Statement: 
Life is a journey and everyone’s journey is unique. Whoever you were meant to be, own it and be proud for you and the next generation!